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What's This?

Golabi CMS is a free content management system (cms) written in PHP by Red Move under GPL license. This portal is a secure modular and template based cms and also multi language. Current supported languages are English and Farsi (if you like to add your language, contact me). Current modules are news, search and registration. At this time you can only post news and your site's visitors can register an account and read/search news but other modules like download, galley and forum will be added soon.


What's New?

2009/10/6: Version 1.02 released. Modules Downloads and Categories added.
2009/7/26: Version 1.011 released. Bug in 'Common/ImageVer.php' fixed.
2009/3/2: Version 1.01 released. A critical bug in version 1.0 was fixed.
2009/2/23: The first release of project! Please test and report bugs.



Multi language
Template based
Modular and block support
Authentication and registration system
High security
Modules: News, Search, Register, User Setting, Admin, Downloads, Categories


Screen Shots

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Last Release: Golabi 1.02

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